Splintered is a dark Young Adult tale by A.G. Howard
a book review by The Ol’ Book Buzzard, Barney Basin
   Lewis Carroll’s original story, Alice in Wonderland, is the tale of the misadventures of a curious Alice Liddell who falls into Wonderland by way of a rabbit hole. In Splintered, Alice’s great-great-great granddaughter Alyssa has to revisit Wonderland. It appears that when Alice first visited this strange underworld, she made mistakes that left her future generation with the curse of insanity. It is up to Alyssa to straighten things out and remove the curse before her mother has to undergo electric shock treatment in an asylum. Traveling with Alyssa is her real-world crush, Jeb. Once in Wonderland, they discover that the inhabitants are not quite as Carroll wrote about them. For example, there is her guide, the enchanting, dangerous Morpheus, who has been visiting her in dreams since childhood; he was once a caterpillar.
  For those who enjoyed the Tim Burton film “Alice in Wonderland,” this could be your read on the classic tale. Author A.G. Howard even thanks Burton for his vivid characters and warped dreamscapes. This is a dark, creepy, and sometimes funky revisit to the original. Even though the story is complete, the book is the first of a trilogy. After reading this book, the quote “we are all mad around here” is justified.
  This, and the other two books in this series,
Ensnared and Unhinged, are available in the Young Adult section of the Pahrump Community Library.
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