One Woman’s Struggle - One woman’s fight for a better America.
a book review by The Ol’ Book Buzzard, Barney Basin
  Two new books have come into the Pahrump Community Library, both with a local angle.
   First is Debra Gauthier’s story of her 21 years as a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. In Bright Lights, Dark Places , she tells her story. In 1980, she became the first female officer hired under the same standards as the men.
  The book starts with the lowest point in her life where she is sitting in the rain in her backyard with her gun in her hand, ready to commit suicide. Gauthier has been a decorated police officer. She helped develop the first bicycle patrol, where she served as the first sergeant. Teaching at the academy was another of her accomplishments.
  She worked her way up through the ranks in what she described as a “Good old boy” profession. She dealt with gender bias, discrimination, and sexual harassment.  And there were those at the top who were determined to bring her down--and this they did. After 21 years, her career and world crumbled as she was fired from the job she loved.