Aliens Love Dinopants
by Claire Freedman; illustrated by Ben Cort

S ummary: "When a group of aliens crash-lands in the jungle, they stumble upon the biggest stash of underpants ever. But the oversized owners of the underwear treasure aren't going to back down without a fight!"-publisher.

"The story in Dinopants is as absurd as you would imagine, it really amounts to little more than referencing undergarments as often as possible. There is a silly charm to be had reading about a bunch of enthusiastic aliens on their odd mission and it is nice to see that when they meet the dinosaurs the characters are not immediately at loggerheads. Freedman does a good job of teaching kids that you don't have to argue about something you both like mutual appreciation of something can lead to a lasting friendship.."

New York : Aladdin, 2016  Interest level: Kindergarten
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