Any Dream Will Do
by Debbie Macomber

Summary:  "Shay Bensonís life was difficult as she suffered abuse, but it became much harder when she stole money from the bank where she worked for her druggy brother, who said he would be killed if she didnít. Three years later, released from prison with nowhere to go and no support system, she walks into a church seeking shelter from Seattleís December chill. There she meets Pastor Drew Douglas, a depressed widower with two children, who sends her to Hope Center. Shay and Drew become friends, and his kids adore her, but can a pastor and a convicted felon go beyond friendship? Told in alternating first-person narratives, this low-key romance, with its healthy dose of spirituality, will  appeal to fans of Christian fiction who like tales of redemption featuring kind and caring individuals who grow and blossom through adversity."--Booklist (8/17)

(New York : Random House Large Print, 2017.)

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