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  When the temperatures hit triple digits, it is time to put aside those dark and dreary books and
read something light. That is exactly what “summer beach read” books are for. Find a cool spot by
a pool or on a beach, and relax and read. Elin Hilderbrand has written so many of these types of
books that she could be considered the “queen of summer reads.” A great number of her books
take place on Nantucket Island where she lives with her three children. The Beach Club,
published in 2000, was the one that started it for her. It is a charmingly feisty story, lively enough
to keep any sunbather from falling asleep. It centers on thesummer staff at an exclusive Nantucket
Beach Club Hotel.
  Mark Petersen was in the right place at the right time and was mistakenly offered a job--andis now managing the hotel which has become his life. Vance Robbins was supposed to have received that job offer and has held it against Petersen forever. The present of a gun may change that. Love O’Donnell--a gorgeous Aspen snow bunny--has taken a job at the hotel with one goal in mind: she wants to find a man to get her pregnant. Cecily Elliott is the owner’s daughter, home from school for the summer. Her parents want her to go to college and then come back and marry Petersen, so they can leave the hotel and its family legacy to her. But being wild and beautiful, she wants to run off to Brazil with her boyfriend. Jem, a first year bellboy, finds himself falling in love with Petersen’s girlfriend, Maribel.
  Toss in a hurricane, several romances, and a surprise ending and this tale becomes a satisfying summer read.