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   As September fades, it is time to put away the summer reading and start something that is into the Fall season. Two books by Jan Olandese, Rest in Fleece and Death Be Not Loud are ideal for this time of year, especially as the time draws closer to Halloween. The books are collections of ghost/horror stories and tall tales for restless nights. Even though there are tales about ghosts, they are more creepy than scary and some will even make the readers laugh. The collections are around 135 pages each so they are about a one nights’ read each.
Rest in Fleece, the tale titled “Footloose” is about a shoe magazine editor who feels everyone is beneath her. It takes a pair of red high heels to change her prospective. In another story a man who is the worst date in the world becomes bored with his usual dates. He is also known for skipping out and leaving his date with a large dinner check. He uses a dating service and feels he has found the perfect date. Perfect for him may not be what he wants.
  Jeff wants everyone to think he is a surfer. He learns the lingo and meets lots of girls, but only if he could get a good tan. He finally finds a great tanning booth. But all is not as it may seem. The title of this story is “Well Done.”

  Death Be Not Loud
is a collection where the author lets her humor roam free. In one story she make mention of the movie The Gods Must be Crazy when an indigenous religious leader claims the Gods are very mad because they are dropping Dr. Pepper bottles as well as Coke bottles. She also makes mention of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic horror tale Innsmouth.  Fall and the Halloween season should be enjoyed with tongue in cheek or at least Trick-or-Treat candy. Both books are available at the Pahrump Community Library.
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